Why Does Minko Do What It Does?

Every business is started with a vision and mission to solve a pressing problem among its target audience. Founding members of Minko come with strong experience and knowledge of how FMCG and Pharmaceutical Distribution networks work.

It is growing yet impoverished! 

Healthcare and FMCG are one of the largest growing sectors in India; however, the survival of new brands, retail stores and distribution networks is difficult. With over 135 crore population, India is one of the biggest consumers of retail FMCG and Pharmaceutical products. Our founders, with their expertise in FMCG distribution networks, understood the significant gap and errors between the growth of the sector and the growth of the individual business – local or nationwide. 

Minko aims to solve the real reason behind the failing Kirana Stores and new FMCG Brands. FMCG and the Pharmaceutical sector depend on the instant availability of the product near the consumers. Most retailers in India fail to stock top products and brands due to constant cash crunch and unavailability of accessible funds to procure the latest products. Banks, co-operative financing groups and local lenders offer loans and overdraft facilities for the shopkeepers. However, it involves a lot of documentation and credit history. New manufacturers, stockists, distributors and retailers cannot avail these facilities in one go. Often the process is too long for short-term, low-value credit. 

These problems and shortcomings faced by average Indian FMCG business owners create hurdles in their individual growth as the unavailability of products and variety turns customers away. 

How Can Minko Solve This Gap?

The founders of Minko have devised an ideal solution for this constant cash gap between the distribution network and the working capital crunch at the FMCG Brand’s end. Minko partners with emerging FMCG and Pharmaceutical brands to help them add an advantage for their distribution partners. The distribution partners like stockists, wholesalers, distributors and retailers invest their funds in popular brands and their products. However, credit assistance enables these partners to stock and sell new brands and product lines. 

Minko enables credit-line for the distribution network. 

A dense distribution network is one of the primaries of a successful FMCG and Pharmaceutical brand. Being available in the market and having a visible presence is essential to generate over-the-counter sales. Minko works dually with the brands and distributors to onboard the local shopkeepers for a completely automatic and digital credit line of up to Rs. 5,00,00/-. The purpose of Minko Credit and Minko Pay Later services to distributors is to make buying and selling easier for the FMCG sector across India.

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