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Websites and Apps that help Local Kirana Stores and FMCG Distributors

Apps and Websites that helps local businesses

What is a retail business?

A retail business is a business that sells goods and services in your local areas. It mostly sells goods and services in smaller quantities as compared to a wholesale business. The owner of the retail business is known as a retailer. They purchase goods from vendors or wholesalers and sell it directly to their customers in small quantities. 

Types of retail stores are as follows:

  • Departmental Store: They sell various goods under the same roof.
  • Big Box Store: These are located in large-scale buildings and sells 
  • Discount Store: They offer their product at a discounted rate that is lesser than the retail price. 
  • Kirana Store or Mom and Pop Store: They are small family businesses that sell goods to fulfil your daily needs.
    • Speciality Store: They offer only one type of product.
    • Malls: They offer everything a person wants from clothes and accessories to food and cinemas.
  • Supermarkets: They sell food and household items.
  • Hypermarkets: They are a mixture of departmental stores and supermarkets.

List of Apps that helps local businesses.

  • Google Maps: Google Maps is a very effective way to reach your local business as it shows the results for exactly what you are looking for. It not only gives you the address but also gives directions to reach your stores. It also helps to zoom in to get a proper view of the location of your store which makes it easier for your customers to find the way to your store. 
  • Facebook: Facebook is a search engine that helps to find the small and local businesses in our area. It can also be used to promote your business and create awareness about your offers and discounts which can attract your customers. There are many groups for all these local businesses which you can join and have access to real reviews about your business.
  • Yelp: This app lets the customers leave their reviews about the places or the stores they visited. This app helps the customers to find places in your local areas which the prior customers have enjoyed.
  • Whatsapp: This app lets you update your regular customers via message and helps you promote and connect with your customers online. This app lets you have a one-to-one or direct conversation with your customers.
  • Google My Business: GMB can help your customers reach your store if they are looking for something that your business offers. You must fill in all the needed and important data on your GMB profile.

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