We pledged
To make a change

We started our journey with a vision of improving a retailer's business life.

We have always believed in using technology to solve real business problems and have successfully achieved product market fit.

Our Smartcredit product now allows retailers to access low cost instant short term loans to grow business.

This has validated our approach so far and motivated us to expand this offering to retailers all across India.

We aim to make access to digital credit line, for offline retailers in India, as simple as using a credit card

CEO Sanket Shendure recieving the 'Promising Fintech Startup of Goa 2019' award on behalf of Minko

Our Mission

To build an inclusive ecosystem of financial and banking products for offline retailers and their suppliers


Number of Retailers


Number of Distributors

50 Mn+

Credit Disbursed

Our team

Sanket Shendure


Sanmati Shendure


Rohit Pratap Sing


Abhik Prasad


Ankit Gupta


Umesh Jadhav


Our Backers and Advisors

Pratekk Agarwaal

Credit Underwriting and Lending Expert

Ravi Linganuri

Technology Expert

Shanti Mohan

Founder and CEO at

Nitin Gupta

Ex-CEO Pay U, Ola Financial Services